Areas of support

Emergency Services counselling

Working for the Police, NHS & Fire brigade brings a different level of intensity & challenge to daily mental health. Get support from a counsellor with experience in that environment

Counselling for anxiety

Anxiety is something that represents worry, fear and uncertainty in life. Counselling can be very useful in identifying the route of your anxiety and rewiring your coping mechanisms. 

Counselling for phobias & fears

Everyone has fears, and most have phobias. The problem arises when they get in the way of life and this is a point that you may consider reaching out and getting support.

Self esteem & confidence counselling

Low self esteem can be the route of so many presenting issues in every day life such as anxiety, depression and confidence. Get support with self esteem to raise your confidence.

Workplace counselling & professional coaching

The workplace is likely to be one of the most stressful environments within your life with pressures from your bosses, your colleagues or the nature of your role in the organisation. 

Counselling for historic sexual abuse

Being a survivor of sexual abuse may not mean that you have addressed your trauma.  You will not be forced to explore what you are not ready to address & will have a safe space to talk.

LGBTQ+ Counselling

As a counsellor inclusive to all, I will support you with empowerment and exploration through the unique challenges that you may face through gender and sexual preference.

Body image counselling

How we look and how we feel about this is continuing to escalate as one of the more common risks to modern day mental health. Get support and explore your issues beyond skin depth.

Counselling for depression

Counselling can be a very effective approach to addressing how you manage & tackle your periods of depression. Whilst the fight with depression is not easy - it is achievable.

Addiction counselling 

As an experienced addiction practitoner, I offer support in drug, alcohol, sex & porn, gambling, social media and gambling addiction. I will support you through to recovery.

Counselling for eating disorders

You do not have to consider yourself unwell enough to get support. Eating disorders are commonly as a result of distorted thinking and this is one area we can discuss during your sessions.

Counselling for school & college issues

Being a young person in education brings so many challenges that life can feel overwhelming. Get support in a safe space to talk about your issues and work out your next steps.

Childhood issues counselling

When things happen to us as a child, we don't have the necessary awareness and ability to process what has gone on. We carry this interpretation until it is readdressed. 

Victim/Suspect/Witness support counselling

Experiencing crime can be traumatic and worrying especially if you are involved in the criminal justice process. With professional experience in the process I can support with confidence.

Coronavirus counselling

Having coronavirus could have a traumatic/ lasting effect on your mental health and not just your body. If you haven't caught it, you could still have been mentally affected by it. 

Bereavement, grief & loss counselling

As we go through life we experience losses to which we experience a grieving process. Whilst grief is individual, we must go through common patterns to reach eventual acceptance.

Stress & anger management

Anger is a core emotion and stress is a sustained intensity of fear - another core emotion. If stress or anger is affecting your life then its healthy to explore what is happening and how to manage this.

Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD counselling

OCD affects everyone differently, however, the condition is linked by common behaviours and thought processes that counselling is an effective treatment for. 

Medical & illness counselling

It is understandable to feel low or worried if you or someone you care about is experiencing an illness or life changing situation. It can help to talk to someone about your struggles & fears.

Existential Counselling

Pondering your role (& that of everyone else) within exisistence can be as damaging as it is rewarding through your exploration. Existential counselling helps you to find your own meaning.

Stalking, harassment & trolling support

Being targeted can affect us in all aspects of our life and being. Get support to process the experience you have faced and work on new coping and empowerment mechanisms.