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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing in Rayleigh

Reiki healing is bought to you via Dynamic Therapy Club by independent Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner - Maria.

Maria is certified, empowered & attuned to deliver the top level of Reiki practice.

Reiki sessions are available in Rayleigh, Essex. Book a free consultation here . 

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Maria Callis

Rayleigh, Essex, UK

"Self care is so important in this busy world.

Give yourself the time and space to calm your mind, body & soul.

I look forward to working with you"

About Reiki

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Reiki healing holds a vast amount of benefits to help balance & restore the body's energies to a natural rhythm. With stressful and busy day-to-day lives, we can become prone to all sorts of factors that can cause the energy within our body to get trapped and stagnant.


Through Reiki healing, our qualified and experienced Reiki practitioners can unblock your trapped energies. This in turn allows a free flow of energy around the body thus alleviating the symptoms of tension, stress, anxiety, depression, aches, pains, negative sleep patterns & much more. 

Reiki healing is a non intrusive hands on alternative therapy used to promote the bodies self healing ability with natural energies transferred from the healer to you as the client.

If you have experienced good Reiki healing before, you will know of its power and influence on the mind, body and soul. Maybe you haven't experienced it and are looking to explore its many benefits - either way, Dynamic Therapy Club's Reiki Master practitioners are on hand to work with you! 

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