Doing what is necessary over what is fun

As a teenager at school & college, I would typically try to leave homework to the night before. I did bits here and there, but wasn't exactly enthusiastic about it as I didn't enjoy most of it. Besides, Champ Manager and MSN messenger needed my much needed attention! At college we were given a final assessment which they gave us 3 months to complete due to the enormity of it. My Pete and I decided to take it on the night before. I went to his, we drank coffee (lots of it) got it done went into college bleary eyed with no sleep, handed it, went down the pub and passed it!

That pattern then followed me into life with various things, putting them off until it was critical that I completed them. This really wasn't a healthy mind space to be in as I not only was doing a task that I didnt like, but I had my arm up my back whilst I was doing it.

Today is not a fun fun fun day for me, yet it holds a purpose - Admin and finances. Did I setup my own practice to be doing lots of paperwork and sums? No I did it because I wanted to support people in their time of need or uncertainty to discover their own meaning, healing and direction to whatever was going on for them.

The front facing stuff is my passion, yet the stuff that others dont see is the bits that hold it all together. From another career - people hold a misconception that being in the police is all about action, chases, arrests, raids and interviewing the bad guys. This comes from the observations they make from TV shows like Police interceptors, On the front line & 24hrs in Police custody. Sadly, its not. It doesnt make for fun television sitting there watching officers take a 2 hour statement from someone, or completing files, or sitting on the phone on hold to CPS for an hour. In fact most real life TV shows present around 6 hours of footage per series. How long can it take to gather that footage? 6 months +. It is the stuff that doesnt make the the cut for television that makes the true difference to the justice system and most importantly to those affected by crime. I digress...

Doing accounts and admin for me isnt comfortable, in fact it borders on the edge of fear at times, often questioning myself - am I doing this right? To that I answer, probably yes, and if not I can learn and recover it, otherwise give the accountant an email.

If I dont do these accounts and "catchup bits" today, then further down the line when things are due, I will feel a pressure and potential stress of having to do a lot of important stuff in a shorter amount of time. Working under pressure means that mistakes are more likely, and when it comes to running my own practice as a small startup owner - small mistakes can cost big! Its a responsibility, a necessity to be an adult and be organised. My work is not for reward today but in the future. I spent a lot of my life satisfying the moment, and that was fun! too bloody fun! At times though, taking that approach with the important stuff would mean that it would take from my future.

Sometimes we have to go through unpleasant days, do the hard, necessary work and sit in discomfort to serve ourselves in the future. So today is for me in 6/7/8 months time, making it easier for then and not allowing me to be as I was as a teenager - doing my homework at the last minute!

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