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My approach to therapy


To deliver effective therapy, therapists have to be responsive to whatever issues the client holds. Counselling and other therapies are centered on the needs of the client first and foremost, with therapists or practitioners being trained to work with the client in their world. I want you to have confidence and trust in your therapeutic relationship. I will support you within your sessions based on what you bring.

The world changes at a very fast pace, as does society and new risks to mental health. I am regularly reviewing what new trends are emerging and how these may have an impact on psychological health. Further, I am connected with the world of psychology to see what new models, studies and approaches are being developed to benefit you as the client. 


I believe in therapy because I have been through it myself. I found it so beneficial that I decided to study and make it my own profession. I have seen some great therapists and some... not so great. I have worked and consulted with others to determine what works and what doesn't. 

In your sessions, you can expect the following:

  • Treat you with respect and champion your own resources.

  • Not judge you

  • Keep what you say to in confidence

  • Hold you in positive regard unconditionally

  • Your boundaries to respected

  • Be authentic, relaxed and patient with you 

  • Be honest and transparent with you

  • Work ethically in line with the BACP Ethical Framework

  • Be professional and work to high standards

  • Challenge you to find your own understanding of your circumstance.

In return, to get the most out of your sessions with me, I ask that you:

  • Keep to appointment times as pre-agreed.

  • Are polite and respectful. 

  • Be honest with me, and most importantly - yourself

  • Be transparent with me - if something is not working or you don't like what has been said then raise it so that it can be addressed. 



When you use Dynamic Therapy Club I want you to feel that you are accepted and can access all of our services. I work with a small team of like minded professionals to bring a holistic approach to supporting you with your psychological and physical health.

Think of a time in your life when you have experienced something bad, did you purely feel just an emotion or did it have a physical aspect to it too? The term heart break suggests that the body can go through pain. When you go through stress, depression & anxiety it is common that a lot will change for you physiologically as well as mentally. That is why we offer a variety of approaches & support services. 


If you are working on an issue such as depression or anxiety for instance, then counselling is a very effective way to work out the route of the issues and develop new coping strategies to manage the issues moving forwards. During that journey, you may consider that practicing things like mindfulness or yoga that may benefit your mind and body. Perhaps a review of your exercise and eating habits may have be highlighted to play a part - There are specialists in the team who can support and advise you in those fields of new interest!

You may be somewhere else in the world, however, I am able to offer a number of vital resources over the internet that can benefit you regardless of location. 

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