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Online & phone based counselling

Although face to face counselling has been deemed more a traditional form of treatment - online and telephone based counselling, (when delivered correctly with the right skill set) can offer the same impact. Our remote sessions may offer you benefits and preference over face to face support based on your needs. 


It is important to me that services offered through Dynamic Therapy Club are accessible, current & of high professional standard. Online therapy has made great therapy more accessible with more flexibility. 

The benefits of online/phone based therapy

Here are some reasons why counselling online / over the phone may be more beneficial to you. 

You may have struggled to find a decent counsellor in your area. I can work with you from wherever you are.

With busy lives it can be difficult to squeeze in a visit to my practice, this option offers greater flexibility around you

You may struggle to get out of the house, this allows you to be at a session from your home.

Online or telephone based counselling allows you to access your session with me at a place and time that suits your life style. 


To do this you will require a safe space where you can get privacy and 4G/5G or WiFi. 

How to access online & telephone counselling

Make contact

There are 3 easy ways to arrange a free no obligations consultation to discuss your support needs and to determine if online/phone based counselling is suitable:

Online session platform of choice

After comprehensive research, I have determined that Zoom is the most suitable platform based on its current security & encryption levels, user friendliness & features. 


Click on the zoom icon to download

A quick intro from me

Online and phone therapy certified

Session Admin

Online or phone session cost: £45 (check out our latest prices and packages here)

Session duration: 50 minutes

Format: Camera or phone based support

Please view the remote counselling contract for further guidance on session rules & boundaries. 

Filming of any session is strictly prohibited unless otherwise permitted in writing to respect the confidentiality of yourself and the service

Please note that by using your chosen platform that you are bound by the relevant privacy notice and rules of that platform provider.