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Whether you respond to information best by listening, watching or reading, this self help media is here for your interest & for free. 

This website is the home of The Adam Coombes Podcast, and you can listen via the site or through your preferred podcast apps such as Apple, Spotify, Google or RSS

If videos are your thing, then check out the Dynamic Therapy video channel or you can subscribe via the Dynamic Therapy Club YouTube channel

Prefer a read? Then check out the self help and informational articles written by Dynamic Therapy Club's Counsellor Adam Coombes.

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Self Help Podcasts

Home to the Adam Coombes Podcast series focusing on matters of the mind, body and being. 

Dynamic Therapy Video channel

Self Help Videos

Watch self help videos through the Dynamic Therapy Video Channel hosted by Counsellor Adam Coombes

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Self Help Articles

Read self help articles on a variety of subjects, written by counsellor and solution focused therapist Adam Coombes

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