Therapeutic Contract 

In person sessions


This contract sets out the expected standards of those involved in our therapeutic relationship. The aim of this is to set the necessary boundaries and understanding to develop a safe, effective & positive relationship between you (the client) and I (the therapist/coach) throughout your treatment process. This contract relates specifically to booked counselling & coaching treatment hosted face to face.

Information about sessions

• Each booked session is for 50 minutes. 

• The location of each session will remain the same unless a minimum of 48hrs notice is provided. 

• Both you and I are bound by the general conditions set out by the premises to ensure that our sessions are compliant with any restrictions or conditions. 

• All premises will be risk assessed for safety & the exercise of confidentiality. 

My responsibilities to you

• To be available at the agreed time

• To start and end on time

• To offer a quiet, appropriate and safe space

• To maintain safe, professional boundaries

• To regard all contact and information as confidential unless I have reasonable doubt concerning actual safety of you as the client or others

• To encourage client autonomy

• To work within the BACP Ethical Framework (available upon request) including regular supervision

• To review therapeutic work and relationship regularly

• In the unlikely event of the therapist cancelling, an alternative appointment offered ASAP

Your responsibilities

• To attend punctually

• To give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice when cancelling/changing an appointment (otherwise half the session will become chargeable). If reasons for non-attendance become apparent within the 24hrs notice period then get in contact. 

• To pay for the session in full at or before each appointment

• Communicating with the therapist outside agreed counselling sessions to be limited to making, changing or cancelling an appointment unless by prior arrangement.

• To agree to give permission to contact GP if the therapist has serious concerns about risk to self (client) or others

• To discuss with the therapist when you feel you are ready to end therapy

• To let the therapist know if you are in or are considering entering another therapeutic relationship.


Counselling and coaching provides a safe space, free from judgment and your normal life, for you to speak about, explore and work through your issues in confidence.


There are limits to this confidentiality in certain circumstances as set out below:

• You or others are, in the opinion of the therapist, seem to be in danger or at serious risk of being harmed

• The therapist is required to do so by subpoena (Court order or instructions from a coroner)

• The client infers involvement in or knowledge of an act of terrorism or of money laundering

• The client infers knowledge of or involvement in drugs trafficking

• The client infers knowledge of or involvement in behaviours that may, in the therapist’s opinion, lead to harm or neglect to children and vulnerable adults

If confidentiality is to be broken, then every possible opportunity will be explored to keep you informed of this.

Recording of sessions, either visually or audibly is strictly prohibited unless specifically requested and permitted for each session.


  • I am contactable during my operating hours via phone call, text, WhatsApp or voicemail 
    on 07376 910 176. I will only answer if not in a session otherwise I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
    You may also email me:

  • Please determine how you wish to be contacted and what methods are acceptable to you in the pre-treatment personal details form. 

  • Contact outside of sessions is limited to providing and obtaining session or treatment information only such as appointment times, assessment. 

  • You may follow the practice "Dynamic Therapy Club" or "Adam & Dynamic Therapy" via social media channels. Please do not try to add or contact your therapist direct through their personal accounts on social media. 

  • Out of respect for your privacy, if you are seen by your therapist outside of sessions, then it is best practice to avoid contact or acknowledgment of you so as to avoid you having to explain anything to anyone that you may be in company with or sight of. 

Regulation & Complaints

I am a member of the BACP (British Association for counsellors and psychotherapists). As such I am bound by their ethical framework which you can view via the BACP website.

I am a registered member with the membership number: 383617 . As such I have passed a further proficiency exam on the BACP's codes. 

If you believe that I have acted outside of the code of ethics or otherwise not to a standard that you'd expect, then I firstly invite you to raise this with me directly so that we can discuss this matter further so that I can learn and improve based on your perspective. If you feel this is not possible or you would like to learn more about the complaints procedure then please check this out here.


I am subject to regular professional clinical supervision. The purpose of this is to monitor my own practice and personal development to support clients to my fullest capability. Within these supervision sessions, elements of our sessions may be raised with my supervisor, however, your name or any identifiable information will be mentioned to the supervisor who is also committed fully to the contract of confidentiality and safe practice. 

Record keeping

In line with my membership body and insurance requirements, I keep basic notes on sessions.

Your personal details are required to provide a professional treatment service. 

Session notes and your personal details are kept upon a double encrypted system with enhanced security measures to the same standards as provided by the NHS.

You are entitled access to your notes by way of making a formal request in writing. 

Payment information

Payment for sessions is required either before or immediately following the session.

The cost of face to face sessions is £40.00

Methods of payment accepted:

  • Cash or card following the session

  • Bank transfer prior to the session

Direct Debit and payment plans are available to be arranged upon request.

All payment options are subject to the terms and conditions set out upon the website.  

GDPR Statement

Under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, you have certain rights.

These are:

• You are allowed to see your notes. This is facilitated by making a formal request.

• Records are kept for 5 years after termination of therapy and then destroyed.

• Having your records amended (change of name and address)

• In the case of clients under 18, records are kept for 5 years after the child turns 18.


Erasure of Data (exclusions)

Under GDPR you can request your data be erased. However there are exceptions to this.

In the case of counselling records, insurance companies and ethical bodies ask for records to be available for the period of time as outlined above. By commencing with the service and your first session, you are agreeing to having your records kept for 7 years after the termination of therapy.

In the case of young people, up to the age of 25 years old for a minor (18+7).