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Qualified | BACP Registered | Insured | DBS checked

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Private counselling sessions in Rochford & Southend

Coming to counselling isn't always easy, and I can assure you that it is worth it! There are a number of things that have to work for it to be effective, and one of these is that we develop a good rapport. I encourage you to read a little bit about me and how I work below, to view the video channel and book a free phone consultation as options to satisfy that I am right for you.


I am qualified, insured, registered and DBS checked to work as a counsellor. I would encourage that you look for all of these things from whichever counsellor you choose to work with. 

Therapeutic profile

Hi everyone, I am Adam Coombes, and I am local independent counsellor in Rochford & Southend, Essex. I have lots of experience in helping people from all sorts of backgrounds. I am qualified and experienced to support a range of issues.

My aim for your sessions is to be as relaxed as possible, giving you a safe space to explore whatever is challenging you. All counselling sessions are confidential and free from judgement. My clients have often commented on how down to earth I am, whilst having the ability to summarise complicated matters to be a lot more simple. Find out more about my approach to therapy.


I have been really conscious and passionate about mental wellbeing for many years - So much so that I decided to make it my career. -Doing a job that I love makes a huge difference to the way that I live my life. As well as counselling, I write self-help articles for various online magazines.


I see clients face to face, online and over the phone. 

As an integrative counsellor, I am trained & qualified to bring and use a number of different approaches in supporting you with your issues in. Some of the approaches that I am trained in are: person centred counselling , psychodynamic counselling, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Transactional analysis including inner child work.

I am also a solution focused therapist & NLP practitioner which means that if you do not want to delve too deeply into the problem but want to work out just a solution then I am able to use techniques in supporting you in this change.

What issues can I support you with?



Check out the examples of issues supported page

I have experience in supporting people with a wide variety of issues and am trained to deal with many more.

Common issues that bring people to counselling where I can support you include:  


Addiction - alcohol, drugs, steroids, food, sex, social media, work

Anger management


Bereavement & loss

Body image issues including body dysmorphia disorder (BDD)


Career issues

Coping with Coronavirus

Criminal justice issues


Domestic abuse

Dysfunctional food habits

Exam stress



Harassment and stalking

Public image/Status 

Relationships - abuse, infidelity, breakdowns

Self esteem

Sexual dysfunction

LGBTQ+ issues

Social skills



Workplace issues

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Specialist support & experience

Counselling support to emergency service workers

Through my work history, I worked within the police service for almost a decade. From this experience, I hold a truer appreciation of the culture, challenges, conditions & system to provide a more empathetic and understanding approach when supporting members of the emergency services. 

Body image/steroid & IPED abuse counselling

As an "IPED practitioner", I have worked with an international network of academics, practitioners, and regulatory bodies to develop a greater understanding and level of support in the fitness and body building community. Through doing this, I developed a significant amount of knowledge whilst supporting people with body image with substance abuse issues. Through this amazing and raw experience, I am able to offer a professional and non-judgmental service to those who feel that they want support around body image issues including BDD, steroid & other IPED use. 

Addiction counselling

As an experienced drug & alcohol addiction recovery worker, I have worked with a vast number of people in addiction. I have studied addiction counselling as a model and along with my knowledge around the substances. Working alongside you we will address the past, present and future to enable sustainable and achievable recovery. My approach to addiction counselling is to firstly identify & address the route causes (past). Effective addiction treatment also requires a review and re-modelling of unhelpful and damaging habits, lifestyle and symptoms (the present). Towards the end of addiction counselling, we will also discuss the bereavement and loss of addiction as a feature of your life to ensure that your new life away from addiction can be one of fulfillment and opportunity (the future).

Counselling session information 


Each counselling session lasts for 50 minutes. This is what is known as "a counselling hour", as it allows for 10 minutes of administation once a client has left. 


Face to face appointments are hosted through the ASC wellbeing clinic on 1st floor, 327 Bridgwater Drive, Westcliff on sea, Southend, SS0 0HA

Cant get to Southend? No problem! You can still access counselling online & phone based services here.

Session costs

Arrange your first session

Get in contact through whatever method you feel most comfortable to arrange a free consultation. If you call and I do not answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you as I could be in a session with a client. 

Within the consultation, we will briefly identify the issues that you want to work on and I will take some brief basic contact details. 

Within the consultation, if you are happy to proceed we will arrange your first session. 

Get an insight into a first session and what happens before it takes place: Your 1st appointment 

Counselling FAQ's

What is counselling?

Counselling is a form of talking therapy between a counsellor and one or more clients. The priority for this type of therapy is that the client can feel safe in the assurance that the therapeutic relationship is confidential, authentic and free from judgement.  

What is the purpose of counselling?

Everyone who starts the counselling process comes in with their own agenda on what they want to achieve. The role of counsellor in the therapeutic relationship is to support you in exploring feelings, thoughts and emotions at a greater depth using a variety of proven approaches.


In doing so, a counsellor will support you in identifying your own inner qualities and resources to help you find and achieve your own outcomes. 

What is the role of the counsellor?

To support you as the client, to identify your goals and possible solutions to issues that you  that are causing you emotional discomfort or that you are looking to resolve. 

What can I discuss in a session?

Each counselling session is led by you - the client. You can talk about anything that is going on for you. Counselling is normally used for anything that is bothering, worrying, uncomfortable or painful for you to deal with. It may be something that you feel that you are stuck with in trying to resolve or thoughts and behaviours that you are looking to change. The matter can be something historic, present or upcoming.