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Appointment information

What you need to know in 3 easy steps & what to expect

Step 1: Free consultation & making an appointment

Prior to your first appointment you can arrange a free consultation with me. Within this 10-15 minute chat, we can discuss what you are looking to get out of counselling and how I can support you. If you are happy to proceed, then during this call we can make your first appointment at a time that is convenient to you. 

Step 2: Information

Once you have made an appointment, I am legally obliged to require you to view the counselling contract, which is a short guide and agreement between you and I as to my roles and responsibilities to you and vice versa to maximise the experience for you.

To provide a professional service, I do require some personal details from yourself, and I ask that you complete this prior to your first appointment. View the privacy policy here

Step 3: Attending the appointment

Within a day before the session I will send you a reminder message. 

To get the most out of your appointments I offer the following tips:

  • Have a think in the day or two before as to what you would like to get out of coming to counselling and talk about during your first appointment. Consider as a headline "I am coming to counselling to deal with....". 

  • Where possible, plan for yourself a short time alone in quietness following the appointment to allow what we have discussed to settle within yourself. 

  • Shortly prior to our appointment ensure that you have eaten, drank, taken any due prescribed medication and used the bathroom so that the session wont be interrupted - I want you to get the most out of our session time :-)

  • If you are unable to attend or feel too overwhelmed by the prospect of attending the appointment on the day, then let me know! We can discuss anything that may make this easier for you.

Face to face appointments

Our appointments will be held in a welcoming, comfortable, safe and clean environment adhering to government measures and advice.

  • Allow yourself time to attend the premises accounting for any potential traffic. The premises is a short (less than 5 mins) walk from car parks in the town center.

    IMPORTANT: Get information about visiting the lovely therapy rooms here

Online appointments


  • Within a few hours of the appointment time, ensure that you have the latest version of software that we have agreed to meet upon.

  • Check any hardware that you are using (speakers, camera, mic) to make sure they are working.

  • Check your connection / signal is good and you have data available to use.

  • If using Zoom, I will send you a link before the appointment to follow and sign into at the relevant appointment time.

  • Find a room where you will not be interrupted or heard. Consider using headphones as an option if others are in the property. 

What to expect

I get that it is easier said than done to advise you to relax, and I assure you that it is on me to help the session run smoothly. Your sessions with me will be confidential in a safe, peaceful and comfortable space to give you an opportunity to work through the issues that bought you to counselling in the first place. 

There is absolutely no expectation or judgment upon you within sessions and I want you to know that I am on your side unconditionally! 

During our sessions, we will build rapport with one another and you will have lots of opportunity to share as much or as little as you like. I am trained and qualified to "get on with people" and I will do all I can to manage the atmosphere & bring peace to the room/session. 

I will not share what you say to me with others, however, if you do say something which causes me a concern of serious and real risk of harm to yourself or another person, then I will discuss that with you and if necessary refer the matter to an appropriate agency to support the management of the risk presented. 

If you are under 18 and your parents or carers are paying for your appointments with me, I will not share the content of our sessions with them, and if they have made me aware of anything prior to our sessions I will inform you of this. 

My support for you will be based on what you tell me. To gain the most out of our sessions, however difficult it can be, it is important to speak and reflect truthfully on situations. I will be honest and up front with you throughout as a way of respecting you. 

Counselling/Psychotherapy can be a very rewarding, affirming & life changing opportunity if you put the commitment into processing and change. As a qualified professional, I will support you in processing some potentially difficult issues and guide you to find the qualities & strengths that you hold to reach the outcomes that you desire.